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Lissette Alvarez-Holland( Dr. Lisa, PT) 

Women’s Health Pro turned CEO Life and Leadership Coach for Entrepreneur Medicine Women ★ Public Speaker ★ Author ★ Consultant on all things Sacred in Feminine Healing ★Spiritual Podcaster Sharing Women’s Lives as amazing experiences

Women in the healing arts often are over giving and under earning for a reason.

I have evolved. I am an entrepreneur, podcaster, thought Leader optimizing lives by freeing self limiting beliefs at C-suite level. Talking at the intersection of health,wealth, power dynamics + leadership.

 The roots of my work and communities

I believe in the energy of men and women being different. No better or worse but purposely contrasting and collaborating. Our primal need to survive is similar but our psyche, sexual energy, our personal power moves in networking and our ability to attract and move money around our social structures is encoded differently because it had to be.

Women need to master womanhood before we are asked to be little men.

As a clinician I worked with this in terms of healing the body. My background with human development and whole person wellbeing for over 25 years treating pain and optimizing performance as a physical therapist coupled with specializing the past 16 years  women's health private practice had me  integrating mind, body and soul healing with lifestyle change daily.

It took me a very traumatizing financial infidelity, complacency leading to my own divorce to realize the energetic dynamics between ambitious men and women need some rehab too. So much of what was getting women ill was keeping men emotionally immature and swallowing their pain too which becomes more oppressive to feminine unions inside themselves. 


You will see I invite you to looking at your day to day circumstances as a Life School. What I learned through rehabilitating thousands of men and women across developmental seasons , launching 200+ women into entrepreneurship and my own life experience is that being the best PhD of your life is a lot like being the best CEO of your business. 


How I Owned my Health and Door to Empowered Feminine Living 

My first podcast , Owning HER Health was named that because my business was birthed out of watching women, primarily my mother, not own theirs . Read  more about that story

My message is really always about men and women cohabitating better since my Belly Guru Pregnancy years.

The divine feminine force has been questioned and forgotten over the course of time in a dominant patriarchy structure and as such, our health has been marginalized. Our role in family has been compromised and not shared by our partners. My life's work has always been about correcting this error in human judgement but not from the place of victim mentality. I believe in self ownership of our progression 100%. 

The needed Goddess Wisdom conversation continues to evolve and I began The Evolving Human Show to tap into the important lifestyle, relationship, and work style concerns women and men are needing to face coming out of this 2020 pandemic shifts.

It is my way to address the masculine wounds as well as the feminine coded ones inside all of us because leadership and personal brand coaching is holistic. 

Mastering the energetic dynamics and relational intelligence within ourselves right alongside, if not first is the missing piece in so many women's leadership, corporate culture and power struggle conversations.

Energetic dynamics in personal health, wealth, business and life partnerships matter. 

So my Goddess Wisdom conversations are evolving to address the  collective wounded masculine re embracing the evolving women emerging now with Goddess Wisdom and Curvy Hustles without feeling threatened as well as teaching strong women how to relate much better  with men.

My leadership and lifestyle communities provide safe spaces for these deeper holistic success conversations.

Mind Body Enterprises, LLC is re defining womanhood as an essential force and re designing how women use our masculine energy to have the vitality, focus and personality for successful entrepreneurship.

The men in our lives have a place in this solution.

I combine life long studies of responsible psychic development, energetic relationships (Tantra) and human behaviors and physiology under stress into reestablishing my own personal identity, financial security and the dynamics required to launch my second business. 

This grew along with my 8 week idea to launch incubator called the Mind Body Brand Academy and now is the root of Mind Body Enterprises's coaching and consultancy.

Our executive presence in my more intimate relationships and money stories grow up enough in my own money  and personal worth limiting games to not blame men or medicine for why I know what to do but just don't do it.  I realize now that most people go into the healing arts to heal ourselves and do that from learning how to apply the science of healing to others. We do not go into the profession as women to necessarily self sacrifice our home lives to the profession and that is why so many great health providers are falling ill to the same burnout related to core family value conflicts that I did. 

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