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About Dr. Lisa and HER Communities

Lissette Alvarez-Holland( Dr. Lisa,) 

Women’s Health Pro turned CEO Life and Leadership Coach for Entrepreneur Medicine Women ★ Public Speaker ★ Author ★ Consultant on all things Sacred in Feminine Healing ★Spiritual Podcaster Sharing Women’s Lives as amazing experiences

Women in the healing arts often are often multimodal and a mix of medicine in our approach.

I myself am presently a DPT, WHNC, C-IAYT, hold certifications in motivators and behavioral performance assessments, women's entrepreneurship, and essential oils consulting. 

I have been a certified personal trainer, life coach, and business mentor.

The one thing all us modern day medicine do, regardless of our letters, is tend to over give, under price and under earn our true value. 

So, I did what social healers do.

I protected my energy.

I went into a season of cocooning and healing myself. I used it to level up and un become what I wasn't any more and in that clarity I now combine my life long passion for wisdom seeking, thirst of understanding human development and behaviors, visionary background in starting one of the country's first boutique rehab centers and personal women's health brands as The Belly Guru. 

I added the spice of life with my understanding of suffering, being a woman playing this game of life , entrepreneurial attitude and decided a reboot after a traumatic process of dealing with financial infidelity and divorce knocked me down. 

Why? because that is what women do when faced with adversity and forced to.

I am like you, taking my power back by birthing a new company to give you some too!


The Company. 

Mind-Body Enterprises will fill those equity gaps by our innate design as a socially conscious business.

The mission is to disrupt the global economy in a great way by the flood of women founders.

The Vision is seeking to establish a community and corporate/domestic culture of purpose driven, established women awakening to their major worth through an all in one life change/entrepreneur incubator and start up consultancy company. 

Mind-Body Enterprises ( MBE) will be giving women, going into a health and personal service business, an unfair advantage over the one's that don't become clients.  You can expect a safe and growth minded experience.  Communities are solid, science backed, faith based, secure foundations in leadership,  holistic education, community,  solid business design and open to the emotional support without shame often absent. 

What would it feel like to cycle your income with your desires for summer vacations?

How would it feel to confidently create and feel it can help you receive protection and support as you serve others? 

How would it help save you time between several FB circles to have one safe space to own the health awareness and leadership development you were never given and now need to play catch up on? 

This is dancing a Curvy Hustle instead of climbing with a linear grind. 

  • Yet we try to see, hear and heal others addicted to the adrenaline.

Maybe you are like I was, stuck in masculine coded career mode. 

  • You held body wisdom, mindset and nourishment trainings for years but were not the best at tuning in and tuning up for stress filled moments of change?
  • Maybe you reacted to potential losses of control instead of responded? 
  • Maybe you took relationships that serve you for granted sitting too deep in your work and own needs? 
  • Maybe you still give too much and warrior on because you celebrate being Miss Independent? 

Maybe the feminine codes are stuck? 

  • You continuously fear taking too much while over delivering and under charging
  • You seek external protections and permissions to relax and receive.
  • You procrastinate by getting busy fawning over or inspiring others to Thrive. 
  • You have menstrual or other gynecological dysfunctions. 

A few years ago I packaged my brand mentoring into a program called Mind Body Brand Academy to start to address this but I learned a lot more though these women and my divorce than I expected.

Power dynamics in our homes are a HUGE messy, avoided thing for women entrepreneurs.

Now, having taken a certificate program in Women's Entrepreneurship through a partnership between Cornell University and Bank of America, I realized, women founders need more.

  • We need better launch communities and regular wisdom circles for both emotional and professional up levels. 
  • Wisdom circles that are safe to be every expression of a woman including the one that naturally is healthy enough to withdraw a bit and cocoon in when on cycle or dealing with personal changes and loss.
  • Wisdom circles that call out our BS procrastination or perfectionist moves lovingly but effectively and are consistent attuned to the fact we are women! We are equally effective but not the same.

I am going to get a lot of push back on my writing in the blog of this new business because a lot of women mistake equality for sameness.

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I specialized in this masculine/ feminine inner dynamic for a few important reasons.

  • It impacts our sexual vitality, relationships with money and each other more than your hormones.

I saw it weave it's ways into a woman's body clinically for almost three decades. I specialized in the unique ways of using the mind to influence our thoughts, healing, and social connective behaviors successfully. 

  • Business building and getting through career and lifestyle pivots is not that different. Both require inner direction and healing to be sustainable because both rely on shared leadership and varied depths of relationship.
  • Busy building can be exciting and joyous and sexy feeling but women are not taught how to move their sexual energy out and project it for attracting wealth outside prostitution. 

My lifestyle is flexible and resilient through many storms. Yours can be too. My body is over all healthier than most my age and feels sexier and more powerful as I age.  Yours can be too.

But not on the mess wheel you are on. 

  • As a women's integrative coach I adapted the science to meet the needs of our primary care givers and energy healers for years, the mother's.  Well now I am midwifing your ideas into viable existence.
  • I know all humans have the potential to move from the depth of the heart but can we just admit, women have the hormonal programming for it?  Sadly, that never pays the bills or gains enough power to really design the life you wanted or the social impact goals does it? 

So the Lady Boss was created. 

But, I am going to retire her functionality for you.

It is not healthy for our body, mind or society and we have the access to education, technology and global markets to no longer need it.

Care to Join the movement? 

This is the entrepreneur, lifestyle and leadership community for you if 

  • You are ready to be your own Unique Value Product! 

You can understand our make up better. You can align your skills and talents with your personal human design and social styles but few will teach you how to do that. 

You can be coached into the conviction but you need the physiology to not combat that and so you need to be working with people that share a common attitude about it.


  • You fear you have forgotten why you felt the need to pivot in the first place and are becoming too comfortable and complacent to change.

Well, I have evolved into a woman that is worth a lot and you have the permission to do so too! 

  • You want to connect the dots on multiple interests but also be kept accountable.

I am an entrepreneur, podcaster, New thought leader driven by the desire to optimizing women's lives by freeing self limiting beliefs at C-suite level.

  • You are realizing money is power and now want to get wealthy or at least, break generational poverty chains.

Studies demonstrate, when women have money nothing bad happens. 

I had a money story that went against that and I have now realized I estimate I left almost two million dollars on the table over my healthcare career and in the brand of my first business  because I did not have the right mentorship out of a lot of childhood trauma, and a ton of self limiting beliefs that fit the collective evidence.

So I am creating safe spaces at the intersection of health, wealth, power dynamics + leadership.

Jumping into Entrepreneurship is one option, remaining employed  but well valued is another. 

Either way, if being the CEO of your life is a goal. 

 I want you to know, I never went to school for any of that but could have wasted less time with a good start and positive, creative, relatable teacher. 

So, if...

  • You'd love to Identify your core drivers and communication style at even the energetic level.
  • You are ready to be the President of a business or looking to be self employed. Both work but not the same game.
  • You wouldn't mind a road map into holistic thought leadership development with high touch guidance as well as DIY options for learning.
  • You see the value in building a community around you so you can negotiate and sell just about anything. 
  • Digging into the emotional gaps through inner personal work sounds appealing but scary AF. You would appraciare a one stop shop to let your guard down but be evolving. It would be great if someone else was making sure you are surrounded by the right energy for this. 
  • Providing the best resources through my global network to take care of yourself and have an effective circle focused on connecting you to the right people, not competition sounds like heaven. 
  • You know all this is crucial and often neglected at launches of ideas into an online space or new stream of income.

Take a look at current offerings....( page coming soon) 

 You don't deserve be one of these women missing out on your goddess wisdom out of comfort. 


Why ?

Because I was one of those women that completely undersold and was underestimated by my peers when I launched my first business Belly Guru LLC.  I gave away financial decisions to the wrong competitive people. I was never fully present where I should have been at home and I missed a lot of my own personal needs and some of the changes in my relationships that blew back up on me. 

As a former perfectionist, I was a depressed mess. As a clinician I worked with so many professional, well-educated women in so any levels of self betrayal, fear, and denial that I had to educate. Most women have absolutely no clue what the standard academics to corporate,  over achiever lifestyles, made in a man's warrior mindset and physiological design,  was doing to them. 

 My background with human development from conception to death and method of addressing the energetic whole person in their wellbeing has led me to developed a leadership skill for seeing potential and optimizing the people to meet it.  

 This is the Life school you never got. 

I am 100% invested in your success but it is time for it to be more than a destination. 

I take pride understanding women from the inside out and understanding human behaviors under stress and energetic dynamics between the masculine and feminine codes in all of us.

This wisdom in relational intelligence is the background to leadership across your life. 

I take pride in my results thus far having been the one to get over 200+ medicine women and counting, in the areas of allied health care and mind- body wellbeing,  off procrastination station and into the potential income, impact and identity in power of their well designed big leap into entrepreneurship.  

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