About Dr. Lisa and Her Goddess Wisdom Methods

Lissette Alvarez-Holland( Dr. Lisa, PT) 

Women’s Health Pro turned CEO Brand Story Coach for Entrepreneur Medicine Women ★ Public Speaker ★ Author ★ Consultant on all things Sacred in Feminine Healing ★Spiritual Podcaster Sharing Women’s Lives as amazing experiences

I believe in the energy of women. Our power has been questioned and forgotten over the course of time in a dominant patriarchy structure.

As such, our health has been marginalized. Our role in family has been compromised and not shared by our partners. My life's work has always been about correcting this error in human judgement but not from the place of victim mentality. I believe in self ownership of our progression 100%. 

How I Owned my Health and Door to Empowered Feminine Living 

My first podcast , Owning HER Health was named that because my business was birthed out of watching women, primarily my mother, not own theirs . Read  more about that story

It took me a divorce to realize I had to grow up enough in my own money  and personal worth limiting games to not blame men or medicine for why I know what to do but just don't do it.  I realize now that most people go into the healing arts to heal ourselves and do that from learning how to apply the science of healing to others. We do not go into the profession as women to necessarily self sacrifice our home lives to the profession and that is why so many great health providers are falling ill to the same burnout related to core family value conflicts that I did. 

Why Do I Specialize in Supporting Rising Medicine Women?

I realized I got a lot of professional women in pain coming to me in my private practice but the clients that could receive the most from me were those that were done proving they were one of the guys. They also saw the value of health and wellbeing. Many women in public health, caregiving and beauty service careers meet this criteria. Many of them suffer from energy drains and illnesses because they do not realize they are intuitive and need to protect their energy bodies. 

They simply were never trained they have one but once they do, everything in their life begins to make sense. As an intuitive healer, I was able to use my increasing power to open the door of healing to other people.

Life off the Mat ( or office) Matters

By birthing my own family and working to heal past generational bonds, I can know you doing this too. My sacred success path walks the talk from the space of woman.  Now while gathering and supporting others as a women leader,  you still need the same in your own body, mind, soul and home, relationships, communities and industries.

But it was my decision to promote myself and create a mind, body and soul healing personal brand.  This persona, which is a natural extension of me, the woman in touch with her natural ways, serves as the link between my life's professional roles as a trainertherapistlife coach, copy writer, story teller and now business mentor for aspiring leading women in the healing arts. 

I specialize in creating avenues for becoming the CEO of your life.

By focusing on my mental health and pouring that into creating a lifestyle for myself and my young family in my 30's I was able to personally grow out of certain aspects of my original career without having to spend the money, time or energy to ditch one to take on another. I could innovate, add or take out revenue streams by the season of life without without having to start over and over as I moved into evolving interests, new understandings and a higher calling.

I plan to continue to train other women in this #CurvyHustle way of living by empowering you with simple and sane solutions I have discovered over the past 16 years evolving as a freelancer, entrepreneur and small business owner, the last 5 of which years moving my business online, losing most of my wealth, and getting divorced as I complete my 40's.

I have lived a life but it is the freedom of choice from my professional brand that has remained my powerline through. Need any more before our call? Contact Me

My Timeline... 

  • ♌Sun, ♏Rising ♑Moon Born in case you want my vibe. Been in clinical care involving human performance for 27 years
  • I am a life-long intuitive person who became a Doctor of Physical Therapy that turned into an Intuitive Women's Life Coach, small business brand mentor and professional thought leader that loves to learn, share and start an interesting conversation.  

  • I healed myself from periods of deep depression as a young adult new mom through the power of my mind understanding childhood traumas through the gift of Goddess Wisdom. 

  • Goddess Wisdom was given to me through my connection to Source, my great teachers and guides given to me my entire life and years of self study, energy work and reflections. The gift of these sacred teachings is the collection of divine feminine human technologies and lessons about life. I teach women that lead these tool so that you can become the CEO of your life and handle the success living the #CurvyHustle lifestyle will present to you. My mentorships produce whole women standing in their full potential by combining my understanding their energetic anatomy, women's health coaching, the spiritual life sciences, and best global resources for an body/energy work or business trainers beyond my services they need.

 I am most proud of the fact that I have been a catalyst for over 200 Medicine Women to rise. My clients often quickly go on to initiate their own magnetic social healing circles and service brand. 

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