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Lisa Holland was one of the earliest adopters of the Medpreneur mindset. Over the past 15 years she and her company Belly Guru LLC have been featured as a model micro practice solution in several podcasts, marketing books and media shares. She is know for bridge building across disciplines and for having the vision to build two influential personal brands out of her female empowerment conversations. She did this embracing intuition, community and around a core desires for an impactful but adaptable career, a present lifestyle and flexible hours. Dr. Lisa has been a fire behind the grass root launch of many present healthcare industry influencers who have come back to support her as mastermind coaches in her academy or as strategic B2B partners.

The Science of Starting the Conversation: The Art of the UnSale

I am not telling you to be like me, not promising you a mansion or a million dollars. I am Fire Starting a top down, bottom up Medicine Woman Revolution for you to be the CEO of your life with me and inviting you to start now.

My Fan Accelerator pack is one example of the unique personal and professional development my entrepreneur launch community, the Mind Body Brand Academy gets. My coaching is based on thousands of dollars with outside healthcare mentors to get a bigger picture of the possibilities we have as wellness leaders. I combine that with over twenty years coaching mindsets as well as bodies and 14 years of industry experience keeping things real by co creating a micro practice solutions for myself in private practice. 




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