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See How Tianna Has Grown

Dr. Tianna Meriage-Reiter, DPT, C-IAYT, WHC


Have you been waiting for permission to launch your kind of authentic awesome into the world?

Join Our Global Community Of Emerging Feminine Health Leaders

Get Access to Personal Coaching, Feminine Minded Mentorship And A Global Network Building Your Brand Reach

~Weekly Live Coaching, personal development tools and action sheets hold you accountable for making progress

~Focus on attracting loyal customers not just lots of traffic

~Move from analysis paralysis 

MEDICINE WOMAN,  You are taking back the trajectory of your career and financial power. 


Lissette's Brand Has Caught The Attention of Therapy Business Influencers ....

She has been featured as one of the first Medpreneurs pushing solo run, micro practice solutions for physical therapists, integrative wellness and yoga therapists since 2005

See How Kristine Has Claimed Her Niche in Yoga Therapy

Kristine Kaoverii Weber, C-IAYT Now a National Leader in Yoga Therapy Trainings for Mental Health Providers


You Get LifeTime Access to The Course, Free upgrades & These Bonuses

These are the things that may change from year to year with the Academy. Get Lifetime access to them as Founders this year that future classes may not get.

Lifetime Access to this Masterclass Summit

Meet the people behind the brands you see. We are now up to 13 bonus hours of masterminds with a variety of health & wellness industry influencers. Lessons coincide with your coaching tools in the modules. These people are my friends. These chats are real life, not cross marketing. We go behind the scenes for honest education about living a successful, balanced entrepreneur life.  

Start Strong& Clear: Fire Starter Motivation & Momentum Pre course

Lucky you, I am a FSS Facilitator and as part of your work on personal conviction I will be weaving in some soul sister science into our goal setting. So much of what exhausts is more about what is going on in our minds not agreeing with what is going on in our hearts and our lives. There are other paths to take but you seriously need to know where you are going. How do you want to feel in your day? Let's reverse engineer that.  

BONUS MLM Biz Basics Module & Team Opportunity

 Network Marketing is a very misunderstood add on to a lifestyle or health brand but it is a very feminine styled abundance model by the intended design. The problem is, many don't understand that!

If you are NOT planning on that business being the main business then most of what your upline recommends won't work for your time needs. This Bonus will focus on another approach.

Here Is How We Take Overwhelm Out Of The Marketing Equation

Mindset: Weekly Live Q&As

During the live sessions, you will have a weekly meeting of the minds to coach you out of resistance in each module as well as network and support cross marketing. In addition, you have a Tech Vault for the basics in communicating with one of the best and easiest lifestyle service tools out there plus given VIP discount access to a trial. You will also have access to copy tips, email marketing ideas and evolving resources to keep connecting with your tribe consistent and relatable.

*Limited Time Bonus FREE Post Academy 1:1 Jumpstart Coaching

You asked and I am adding some! Offer Never Expires for my Jumpstart 1:1 brainstorming, consulting and coaching for up to 4 weeks after the end of the Academy through a project launch, the academy lessons you still have to do or what ever it is that ails you at the time.  A $495 value! 

Body Love: Lifestyle Support & Simple Tech Training

Lifestyle is where health and wellness merge and accessing how it fits in your brand may be where you can expand into additional revenue streams. You will be personally supported in health while you build your vision of success and get access to "THE TECH VAULT" on several low cost ways to build your comfort zone with tech, expand relationships, foster community and convert to sales.  All suggestions are focused on the woman who wants to keep it super simple & sane for now. 

Personal Discovery Action Sheets & K.I.S.S. Resources

You will not be given an open door to hit a personal block and shy away again. Let's grab that BS (belief system) that holds you back by the hand and invite her to stop being the bully of our party. In addition, in the Tech Vault. I will set you up on checklists for killer email marketing, FB communities and Instafame. The power of a well run women's circle is great but if you struggle, 1:1 time is available to clarify via virtual chats, emails and the forum and any additional deep personal work can be upgraded at great discounts. 

Strategic Mapping of Your Brand Experience

The number one mistake Health and wellness providers make is that they sell the thing they do for a living instead of establishing the reason someone should partner with them for something they BELIEVE they can't get anywhere else. Relationship building grows deep roots. photo credit ( Jerry Durham. PT-Masterclass mentor, Module 3)

Continue To Break Self Imposed Glass Ceilings

They say the best way to predict the future is to create it.  The monthly Marketing Mastermind after the course optimizes collaboration , low risk and high influence. The group will hold you accountable and make effective solutions with you.

Catch The Transformation of Susie

Two years ago, Susie Gronski had a practice and a brand that was just not fitting her unique playful personal style. She had clients but not always the right ones and she did not have a unique voice. Within 6 months of finding her vibe with Lisa, Susie has totally revamped her brand to be the "Physiotherapist for Your Privates" , written a book, moves across the country, started a large following on social media and is well known in the global pelvic health community as a leading resource for male pelvic health PT.

Dr Susie Gronski, DPT, PRPC

Men's Pelvic Health Specialist and Author of The #1 Men's Health Book, The Ultimate Cock Block~ "Lisa is amazing! She helped me overcome my fears allowing me to find my true voice and letting it shine. I'm proud to say I've officially written my very first book. Thanks for all you do Lisa!"


  1. TRUST YOURSELF & ESTABLISH TRUST FROM OTHERS: Get over your resistance and analysis paralysis about sharing your authentic self while creating health, wealth and harmony this year.
  2. LIKE WHAT YOU DO WITH SUCH CONVICTION THAT OTHERS ARE DRAWN TO YOU  Attracting the right clients to support you by establishing your unique value platform, health leadership style and YOUR personal brand
  3. AMPLIFY: Figure out all you offer but chose the best pieces to make the most impact and then get others to share you too. This will be through the network and in our post course monthly masterminds. 

The Steps To Learning The Curvy Hustle Way to Build Your Empire

Module 1 Self Inquiry

This is not a course...This is a transformation of mindset and awareness of personal blocks and strengths. Gain understanding in main behavioral styles, learn to identify the emotions associated with them and how to communicate personal value of your own soft skills.


Module 2 Clear Vision & Creative Boards 

See Your Value & Find Your Why

 Sometimes we are just too close to the want. This module we will find a way to remove ourselves from the logic for a moment and listen in to the heart. We will then identify the words we will use to attract our target audiences to give us the ability to get that vision into our present day. 

Module 3: Starting the Conversation: The Art of the UnSale

Get into a new comfort zone between being the hunter/ gatherer and learning how to tend and befriend long term clients. Here you will learn the subtle art of building relationships with your most ideal clients Co Trainer: Jerry Durham, PT

Designing Your practice style and vision without compromising your budget or the mission!

 Module 4: Money Making, Mindset,Momentum & Mantras"

Fast wins , value and good ROI. This module will show your potential money makers you are likely missing. We will speak to mentors who have held court with memberships, courses and email built communities. You will learn how to put maintaining the tribe first with free tools that will have them stay, support and engage. 

Module 5 : Living The Dream: Expanding into a Lifestyle Conversation

This is where we make sure we are designing a kickass career that fits into the life you desire. We will go back to some of the core desires found in module 2 and begin to fill in the details of our customer experience to include revenue expanding streams of lifestyle healing while trying out some solutions.


Module 6 :Simple Social Strategy: Target Marketing Content To Ideal Clients

If you are just getting your name out there should you have a YouTube, blog or pay for followers? Here we will explore some smarter solutions by health entrepreneurs killing it quickly with some tweaks. 

Module 7: Optimizing Traffic and Money Flow

We are focusing on moving conversations you have had into action and conversion. 


Module 8: Keeping it Real with Bigger Things

In Module 8 your Number One Goal is to to present yourself in a bolder way and graduate from this academy into the monthly mastermind with a commitment to take your personal brand to the next level. Now we can envision growth!


 Hi! My name is Lissette Holland. Most people professionally know me as Dr Lisa, PT but for several years I was "The Belly Guru" and built a popular integrative yoga therapy and Women's health practice in the middle of a conservative corporate medical town in the South. I didn't break the mold, I made the mold. I did this by piecing together so many systems and making lots of mistakes until it finally fit the simple micro practice design I wanted. No one in the clinical business could understand why I wanted to keep it small, flexible,very holistic and strategically partnered but it fit my ideal lifestyle.  Can you relate?


What Will Happen If You Don't Jump In Right Now

Nothing...And that is my point!

You’ve got to make that leap or life in all its unsatisfying, unfulfilling mediocrity will stay the same.

 Move Past Fear of Stress & Failure Right Now!

I firmly believe every woman in this course can design her unique abundance path along my blueprint without chaos in her life IF SHE MAKES AN EFFORT. 

If you demonstrate your effort Modules 1-3 as we really dial into the brand YOU do have some control of the outcomes here. *Restrictions apply {See Policies}