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Mind Body Brand Academy (DIY Basic Membership)-No Live Access

 Investing in the gathering a community and being a personal brand means...

"I Believe and Bank on Myself for Success"  

This is a Basic Membership into the Mind Body Brand Academy community.

 Pay once for Lifetime access to the Mind Body Brand Academy ( MBBA) Self Study program and portal and then never pay again.

In Basic You Get : 

  • 8 modules taking you from idea to income maker with a well designed strategy to get leads and start lots of converting conversations for when you decide you need some money! 
  • A live onboarding call to set up your best plan for where you are in the process from dreaming to doing. 
  • 24/7 inclusion in our Sunday motivation emails and any portal upgrades during our 2x year Live rounds 
  • plus one month free membership trial to The Curvy Hustle Society Business Club for year round implementation support after successful completion of all 8 modules.

Optional Upgrade to MBBA Live Membership HERE ( available June 2022) 

Add 2 years of high touch development and network collaborative support which includes 8 weeks of Live accelerator training focused on module mastery and implementation each round held 2x a year. See full details. 


Q: Why Join the MBBA community? 

A: We are a marketing and sales mastermind of smart entrepreneurial women but with a twist of essential executive coaching and leadership development.  That means, I focus on the start-up and development phase of your idea turing into a revenue stream as well as the start-up and development of you, the woman turning from an employed service provider into a business owner and enterprise thinker. 

Once inside I work to keep solid on the foundational basics like mindset and communication skills most people miss by focusing on ever changing tactics. The focus of MBBA is building relationships and I do the work of upgrading as the times change so you stay relevant.

Most of us in MBBA are in a healing business professionally and pivoting to expand or leave clinical care for the purpose of balancing our energy and loving our life. We are heart centered and eager to have a lifestyle that offers impact, income and independence. We need to step into this feminine honoring way to keep it sane but play big business.  It is a great cross market network to get to know in Live rounds and business club. 

Q: What will I get here that I will not in any of the bigger group masterminds? 

A: We are purposefully smaller and off the radar because we are dedicated to making a change not getting likes or high fives by impressing people who are not our customers. FYI, This group is a smaller wisdom circle within a larger one purposely. The network is available for market leverage and collaborations. You will basically get a fractional CMO and COO consulting partner in me and the community for as many years as you are in Start up, development and early growth. You can execute as CEO and CFO which is super important in  design and development.  

Q:What is the Curvy Hustle and why should I stop doing what has been working for me? 

Well, first off, are you happy? Are you feeling aligned with how you are supported? Curvy Hustle is about using your natural force to magnetize yourself. You will attract, grow a community, leverage relationships and becoming an Influencer to your personally gathered market. With that you can basically sell anything. 

Combined with strong core strategy and targeted lead collection you are seeding a business that will know how to offer things to the right person in the right way and convert. 

Next, you learn to become a leader and an entrepreneur of a micro-business ( less than 10 people) .  This is the essential piece so many other courses and masterminds miss. They push you into growth phase of business when you have yet to organize your start-up and development that fits your desired lifestyle and naturally optimal workstyle.

Third, What if you co created a career you crave and a life you love like I did?  What if you could honor our attitude and physiologically?  28-30 day Hormone cycles have distinct advantages that you never learned until this group. Harmonizing your masculine and Feminine codes can make business building better.

The Curvy Hustle is all about not holding too many eggs in one basket so we remain true to our creator nature. It is about using our feminine chemistry minds for strategy, and our physiology to our advantage in building wealth into flexible lives. We are on global missions, we don't have the time nor desire for posting all day about our mansions, mindset and fantasy day as our business.  In this innermost women's circle we are keeping things shiny and sane while doing some harder resisted work that intimidates us together.

Q: How will the Live session and lifetime Academy membership help me right off the bat? 

A: Simple. Each module in the Program builds off the other. You can begin a complete novice and end up in 8 weeks with a message, mission, and viable simple way to gather your audience. 

If you upgrade to live, for 8 weeks, 2x a year while active, you will get additional high touch support like weekly self care/ energy work and Wed nights, 8pm EST Live circle.

In circle members that are running to launch something that round gather live in circle to shift into the curvy hustle mentality and have the others to mastermind with. We move together through the curriculum and collaborate to get through implementation challenges or give each other help with wisdom shares. 

Every Live you also have 1:1 access to me. You can self pace through the modules or push yourself to keep up through but either way you will end up seeding your sacred success and gathering your community. 

Q: What DIY types of learning tools are available?

A: In addition to the workbooks, action sheets, 1:1 options, you get one month access to all available business school  Masterclasses, tech talks, weekly meet-ups.  

Newbies...will never be oversold advanced courses or business tools or undervaluing themselves again! 


Please read Terms:

*You will pay $Full price at checkout ( minus any discount codes or offers applied) . VIP discounts for coaching or consulting services and access to join us in the next live rounds of the MBBA Live will be offered to you    MBBA runs 2x 8 weeks per year. ( March-April and Sept-Oct)  

*This is a final sale since you get immediate access to all materials. 


If you need assistance with any part of the program You Must send your written request with partially completed assignments to [email protected] . 


No exceptions  **

**NOTE : This program is experiential. It does not work by magic. I must therefore see you attempted the course to decide the quality before you conclude it is not helpful.  I am happy to schedule a free onboarding consulting session with you if you contact the office email above.