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Hello, I'm Lisa and I am changing women's lives everyday!

As a mom, radical business owner, licensed health provider, certified spiritual minded health coach, midlife woman in her forties parenting two teens on my own lately I have had to reinvent my work/life flow many times. I have walked the talk of Solopreneur/ Mompreneur/ Health entrepreneurship and inspired peers to get the same for over a decade before it was cool or supported by my professional community. In fact, I helped write the book on feminine minded micro practice solutions and earned my credentials to share my wisdom with you but that is not why I am here with this opportunity to thrive in our dreams to make your miracles happen together. 

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For many hidden precious gems in the healthcare, health network marketing and mind-body communities launching yourself as a big voice in the bigger conversations can feel scary. You are into the work you crave and a life you love more than the money but need to earn more and actually desire a better lifestyle. If becoming the CEO is beginning to feel a hell of a lot like a chore and less of an empowering pleasure then you need this download MP3 & workbook immediately !

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Lisa Holland was one of the earliest adopters of the Medpreneur /Momprenuer focused mindset. Over the past 15 years she and her company Belly Guru LLC have been featured as a model micro practice solution in several podcasts, marketing books and media shares in the physical therapy, yoga therapy and global women's health community. She is know for bridge building across disciplines and for having the eclectic vision to build two influential personal brands out of her female empowerment conversations.

The Healing Art of Owning the Women's Health and Family Healing Conversations

I am not telling you to be me, to want what I wanted or promising you a mansion but I am telling you that you can  ABSOLUTELY HAVE the work/ life design, professional recognition and personal satisfaction everyday as you always intended!

I am Fire Starting a top down, bottom up Medicine Woman Rising collective of smart, heart lead women who desire to become part of a global force of nature making miracles in the healing and health of women and children. Do you help women or children thrive?

Then become the CEO of your life with me right now! 


 My Lady Biz Style is Featured in ...

Private Practice MBA by Dr. Joe Simon (2015), The Hunt for Greatness with Greg Todd (2016), 3 Reason's You Should Start A MicroPractice Evidence in Motion with Paul Potter (2017) and more..Google me.

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How about you stop waiting for permission to become someone and start showing up in your community as who you are already! Tell the Universe right now by your actions that you are serious about rising up in income, impact and independence by diving design.